Bosque Del Apache

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Sandhill Crane in Flight

Sandhill Cranes - Evening Flight

Sandhill Cranes - Landing at Roost Site

Sandhill Cranes at Sunrise

Sandhill Cranes and Lone Cloud

Sandhill Crane Blur

Sandhill Cranes - Fire in the Mist

Sandhill Crane Calling in Flight

Sandhill Crane Reflection

Sandhill Crane Silhouettes

Sandhill Cranes in Landscape

Snow Goose Gathering

Snow Goose Lift Off

Snow Goose Group

Snow Geese - Evening Flight

Snow Geese After Dark

Snow Geese - Evening Lift Off

Blue Phase Snow Goose

Ross's Goose

Snow Geese - Dawn Flight

Snow Geese Pre Dawn

Snow Geese - Classic V Formation

Polarised Snow Geese

Snow Geese - Dawn Lift Off

Snow Geese - Roost Site at Dawn

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