North America Gallery

North America The diversity of wildlife and landscape make the US and Canada an excellent place for photography and access to most places is usually very good. There are several galleries for the region as follows:

    Bosque Del Apache - One of my favourite places to practice the art of bird photography.

    Florida - I spent 8 weeks in Florida at the start of 2005 and these pictures represent a selection of my favourite images. Of all the places I’ve been to in the World, I would say that Florida has the tamest birds - and this leads to great photography opportunites.

    Hawaii and Midway - Hawaii with it’s unique honeyeaters and diverse scenery, is a complete contrast to the small flat dot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that is Midway. Midway has 3 species of Albatross, Tropic Birds and Fairy Terns A truly magical place, despite most of it being covered in military concrete!

    The North West - Snow covered volcanoes, masses of wildflowers and the most amazing coasts I’ve ever seen characterise this part of the US which juts up against the Canadian border.

    Michigan - The Autumn colours of North America are justly famous and Michigan on the coast of Lake Superior is a great place to witness this spectacle of nature.

    Canadian Rockies - The dramatic landscape of the region is amazing by itself, but Hummingbirds abound and bears populate the woods.

    Texas - The Texas coast is a great place to see migrants in the springtime as they head north to their breeding grounds, having wintered in South and Central America

    Yellowstone & Grand Teton - Landscape & Wildlife of these amazing National Parks photographed in Autumn.


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