British Misc Birds

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Coots Fighting

Coot Feeding Chick

Collared Dove in Flight

Woodpigeon Close Up

Woodpigeon in Flight

Grey Heron in Flight

Bittern in Flight

Spoonbill Catching Fish

Short-eared Owl Hunting

Red Kite in Flight

Peregrine Falcon in Flight

Marsh Hrrier Food Pass

Red Grouse

Red Grouse in Flight

Swallow in Flight

Swift in Flight

Dipper with Caddis Fly Larvae

Redwing Eating Berries

Fieldfare with Apples

'Horses Head' Starling Flock

Blue Tit and Hoar Frost

Whitethroat Singing

Bearded Tit

Chaffinch and Hoar Frost

Reed Bunting

Coal Tit


Dunnock Singing

Blackcap Singing

Magpie in Flight

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