British Wildfowl

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Goldeneye Display

Common Scoter Display

Tufted Duck Taking Off

Tufted Duck at Rest

Smew and Yellow Water

Pochard Flight

Pochard Flight Blur

Long-tailed Duck

Long-tailed Duck Washing

Teal Flock

Teal in Flight

Wigeon in Flight

Mallard Drake

Mallard in Flight

Shelduck Flight

Shelduck Take Off

Brent Goose on Sea

Brent Goose in Flight

Barnacle Geese Dawn

Barnacle Gees Dawn Flight

Bewick's Swan Calling

Whooper Swan Blur

Whooper Swan Flight

Whooper Swan Fight

Whooper Swan Fight

Whooper Swan Display

Mute Swan Take Off

Mute Swan Washing

Mute Swan Courtship

Mute Swan Head

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