British Waders

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Black-tailed Godwit Summer

Black-tailed Godwit Flock Flight

Black-tailed Godwit Flight

Knot High Tide Roost

Grey Plover Feeding

Redshank Roosting

Redshank on Post



Snipe on Drystone Wall

Oystercatcher in Flight

Oystercatcher Attacking Lamb

Oystercatchers on Sea Cliffs

Oystercatcher and Thrift

Oystercatcher and Sheep

Red-necked Phalarope

Ringed Plover Running

Whimbrel calling in flight

Whimbrel Calling

Whimbrel calling in flight

Turnstone Flying along Shore

Avocet Attacking Mallard

Avocet in Flight

Avocet Feeding

Avocet Chick Reflection

Curlew Flight

Curlew Calling in Flight

Curlew Flight

Greenshank Washing

Common Sandpiper Calling

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