Other Galleries

This group of galleries contains images from different parts of the World not covered in the other gallery sets, plus the Panoramic Gallery, made up from images around the world.

Panoramics - These pictures were taken on a fuji 6cm x 17cm camera (remember the old days of film!) and add a new dimension to the landscape picture.


Africa - Namibia - One of the most stable countries in Africa, Namibia has the highest sand dunes in the World, incredible quiver trees and the remarkable Etosha national park absolutely brimming with game and a real elephant hot spot. The food is excellent as well!

Africa - Gambia - A small West African country with some very nice birds.

India - Bharatpur - The Keoladeo Ghana National Park in India is probably best known as simply ‘Bharatpur’ and is one of the finest wetland reserves in the World. If the monsoon rains have been good, tens of thousands of waterbirds and raptors spend the Winter months in this sanctuary. 

China - A range of Landscapes from this amazing country

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