British Galleries

Britain - My home country. Not the easiest place in the World to photograph the wildlife, which has learned to fear man over the centuries. Although overcrowded, this Island nation still retains some beautiful countryside, much of which lies within protected areas. There are 3 galleries as follows:

    British Landscapes - The most populous part of the island, but there are still pictures out there. This gallery feature landscapes from England, Wales and the Channel Isles.

    Scotland Landscapes - My favourite place for landscapes in the UK, especially the remote North West and the many islands.

    Shetland Isles - Yes, I know this is technically part of Scotland, but it is different and probably the best place in the UK to photograph wildlife - although the weather can be a problem.

    British Wildfowl - A selection of images of Swans, Ducks and Geese taken in the UK.

    British Seabirds - A selection of images of seabirds taken around the coast of Britain.

    British Waders - A selection of wader species taken in the UK. The Shetland gallery also has a number of waders included in it.

    British Misc Birds - A selection of birds taken in the UK that do not inclde Wildfowl, Seabirds or Waders!

    British Insects - A selection of insect pictures taken in the UK.

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