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Slide Shows are changing! With the arrival of digital technology, new exciting ways of presenting shows are emerging and the new shows listed below are now available for venues throughout the UK. Feedback from satisfied clients has been amazing, with many saying that these are the best shows the have ever seen.

Even if you have seen slide shows from the same parts of the world, these show will give you something completely new. You will not be disappointed - for details of current rates please contact me by email at

Penguin Paradise - The wildlife of Antarctica

This show covers a month long journey I made to South Georgia and the Antarctic Penninsular. This show is full of very strong images and is hugely popular amongst both Natural History groups and Photographic Societies alike.The incredible sight of several thousand nesting king penguins in a single colony is just one of the many highlights of the show. Gallery Link

Australia North & South

In this show we visit 3 completely different locations within the island continent of Australia. The first is the the tropical north, where we visit Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. Next we travel all the way to the South and visit Kangaroo Island. Finally we travel to the most southerly state of Australia, Tasmania, where we photograph one of the strangest animals on the planet. Gallery Link

Australia Queensland

The subtropical state of Queensland contains some of Australia’s most colourful and iconic birds, including several species of Bowerbirds. We also see two species of Birds of Paradise and a wealth of other forest birds photographed at many different locations within the state. We even make a visit to the world famous Great Barrier Reef. Gallery Link


In my view Iceland is the most spectacular country in the whole of Europe with fantastic scenary that looks more like another planet, rather than here on Earth. The birds are also very special with the two ‘Megaducks’, Harlequin and Barrow’s Goldeneye having there only European breeding populations on this wonderful island. Gallery Link Gallery Link2


The world famous Keoladeo bird sanctuary is the focus of this show. It is also known simply as Bharatpur and is a vast wetland that contains many thousands of birds, both breeding and on migration. Apart from the birds we also sample village life which hasn’t fundamentally changed for decades. Gallery Link

The Birds of Florida’s Wetlands

A two month trip to the ‘holiday’ state of Florida to photograph the birds that occur on the coasts and wetlands in the winter. I’ve travelled all over the world photographing birds and I think florida is probably the easiest place I’ve ever been to for bird photography. Because of this all the images are very strong and cover mainy waders, herons as well as several species of raptors and other groups, including the amazing diving Brown Pelicans. Gallery Link

Deserts, Geese and Cranes

This is a show that is a little different from many 'wildlife' presentations as the scenery takes equal billing with the birds and animals. The following National Parks are included: Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef and Arches. These contain some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth and each one is totally different! Also visited are the huge stands of Saguaro cacti near Tucson and the striking beauty of White Sands National Monument. Birds include the Roadrunner and the vast gathering of Cranes and Snow Geese at the famous Bosque del Apache refuge. Gallery Link 1 and Gallery Link 2

The Shetland Isles

Shetland is one of the UKs most spectacular locations for wildlife and this show is the result of a month spent on the islands photographing the birds and other wildlife, as well as the landscape of this most northern part of Britain. The show features many of the familiar British waders and seabirds in incredible action as they go about their business of rearing young in a British summer.Gallery Link

 The Pacific Northwest

A journey from California, through Oregon and finally Washington State, exploring the landscape, flowers, forests and wildlife that thrive in the summer months. Highlights of the show include Sea Otters, Mount St Helens Volcano and the incredibly beautiful flower meadows of Mount Rainier National Park. Please note that this show is a general natural history show and is not primarily aimed at bird groups. Gallery Link

 Bill Does Britain

By popular demand I have put together a show that covers the wldlife and landscape of the British Isles. The show follows the seasons as the year unfolds and concentrates on the best that Britain has to offer. Some of the highlights are spectacular bluebell woods, seabird cities, migrating waders, Scottish highland landscapes, amazing Red Kites in action and of course the many wildfowl species that visit the British Isles in Winter.

Bill Does Britain Again

The first ‘Bill Does Britain’ show proved so popular that I decided to put together another show dedicated to the wildlife of the British Isles. This show includes several Scottish Islands, including Orkney, Skye, Outer Hebrides and Islay, as well as more familiar parts of the country.

Norway and Finland

From the icy north of Varangerfjord in Winter to the vast forests of Finland in Summer, this northern journey concentrates on the special birds that occur in the part of Europe. Three species of Eider, Five species of Owl, amazing Osprey pictures and a spectacular Ruff lek are just some of the highlights of this show. Gallery Link1 and Gallery Link2

Spain and Hungary

Great and Little Bustards on their display grounds, plus Lammergaier photographed in it’s Pyrenee’s stronghold are just some of the highlights of wild Spain. Moving to the unspoilt lands of Hungary we witness bright coloured Rollers and Bee Eaters as well as a wealth of forest birds including Sparrowhawks and Goshawks. Gallery Link 1 and Gallery Link 2

Texas - Spring Migration

I spent a month chasing birds as they passed through the Texas coast on their way North during the spring migration, which this area is famous for. The New World Warblers in colourful breeding plumage were my main targets, but many seabirds and waders were also photographed on passage. In addition to this we visited a spectacular Spoonbill and Egret rookery and photographed some of the special birds of the Rio Grande Valley where many mainly Central American species are found. Gallery Link

Africa - Gambia and Namibia

Colourful birds of the tiny country of Gambia make up the first half of the show. In the second half we visit Namibia in the dry season and see many wild animals and wonderful landscapes. Gallery Link 1 and Gallery Link 2

North America & Canada

In this show we visit 3 major regions of the north USA and Canada. Firstly we visit the Canadian Rockies as spring arrives. Here we witness a glut of Hummingbirds, wild bears as well as truly spectacular scenery. Next we visit the Upper Peninsular in Michigan state where on the edge of the great lakes the most amazing autumn colour is on display. Finally we visit the world famous Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks for more wildlife and the incredible volcanic terrain. Gallery Link 1 Gallery Link 2 and Gallery Link 3


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